Rejection! We Face it Many Time. In this blog, let us see how to face rejection.


Yes, it is hard to face.

Yes, it makes all of us sad.

Yes, it can hurt us.

It is when we just feel that we are going to get what we want like a job, new offer, admission, friendship, love interest but suddenly you just get to know that you are rejected.

You are not going to get that.

You failed to get that.

So, what are we supposed to do? If, we are not supposed to get hurt.


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The first thing here to understand is that we all have felt it at one or the other time, but the way we coped up with that has defined the future course of action and the way that rejection will result in.

It is also obvious to feel the pain and it is not cowardly. It can be as saddening as it would be happy to feel accepted. 

We need to just understand that

  1. It is ok to be rejected,

  2. It doesn’t mean someone does not like you,

  3. It doesn’t undervalue your importance,

  4. It doesn’t mean that you are not worth it.

It simply means that one time, one situation, one idea with one person, or one thing did not work out.

The important part is, it should end after a certain period of time and it should be a learning phase. We need to understand that it will heal just like any other physical wound, but it will take some time and we need to give that time to it.

So, what all can be done to face the rejection?


Divide the full phase-in 3 parts:

  1. Before the rejection

  2. During the rejection

  3. After the rejection


Before the rejection

  1. The first and the foremost thing is we need to know that rejection is part of life and we need to recognize the rejection.

  2. We need to take the risks but that needs to be evaluated with proper knowledge and experience. It is said that do not put all eggs in one basket so we also need to divide it.

  3. We need to learn from the risks and take it just as a step in our life.

  4. If we can, we should take help and support from the people around us so that it can come out of us.


During the rejection

As rejection can happen in a lot of ways so the healing process and time also may vary.

  1. Give yourself adequate time when you are in pain.

  2. Let yourself feel all the emotions like disappointment, sadness anger, etc. As it will help you understand the real reason.

  3. Get surrounded by supportive people who understand you, who can provide you the needed support, who can listen to you.

  4. Also, spend time with yourself and take a break, watch movies, eat ice creams whatever helps.

  5. List down your own accomplishment and things what you like about yourself. It can help you understand that rejection is just a part.

  6. Take professional help from counselors, therapists if needed.


After the rejection

Yes, rejection gets over, but there is something more that is required to be done so that you can actually learn from the rejection and can rise after rejection with full swing.

  1. First, understand that it may take a lot of time and give that the needed time, but the experience and learnings will be unique and yours.

  2. See it in the right light by evaluating how the two perspectives are different and also understanding that if one person or situation resulted in rejection. It is okay, as that might be different.

  3. Reflect on learnings and experiences after the rejection as it will help you to understand the situation and things better and if you were wrong that also you can see through.

  4. Use rejection to your advantage by planning new goals and improvement areas like learning a new skill. If you will take it as an opportunity you will be able to face it in a better way.

  5. Most importantly, do not forget to take risks again.

Now next time if you face rejection, don’t get upset. Just deal with it.


About the Author: Anju Jindal

Anju is a trainer, entrepreneur, and career growth specialist who helps students, working professionals, women, and Job seekers to reach out to their goals by implementing a Career Growth plan

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