Limiting Beliefs Can Stop You

Limiting Beliefs Can Stop You

Beliefs – If yes, then I must share what Anthony robin a famous American author has been talking about in his many books like “unlimited power”, “Awaken the giant within”. 

Limiting beliefs can stop you

Do you feel that success is not for you?

you feel that you are here to lead an average life?

Do you believe that you lack some skills?

It may be because of your:

1.) limiting beliefs

2.) Missing Skills

3.) State of mind

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Do not worry. You are not the only one. Many of the people have been suffering from these above things which have been Beliefs

-Stopping them from doing what they want to do.

-Stope them from getting what they can get.

-Stopping them from growing and living a life they dream.

So, let us just see them one by one.

1.) What is a Beliefs ?

Belief is an instinct or thought that you have and according to  which you are true. Some of the disbelief which we often face are:

I cannot do this as I am not that skilled.

I have to work really long to get what I want in life.

2. Missing skills?

This is something that we need to realize in the first place. Most of the time we do not even understand that we are not able to achieve things in life because of missing skills.

3.) State of mind. Beliefs

State of mind is when we start doing some action what is going in our mind or what are the thoughts in our mind. Beliefs

This really makes a difference as whatever our state of mind will be that will be transferred to the actions.

But, can you overcome these? Beliefs

Yes, you surely can!


What you need to do is follow these simple steps which I call as A4 process. Beliefs

1.) Aware yourself of the reason.

2.) Acquire mentorship from people who can motivate you.

3.) Act upon the action plan.

4.) Start with affirmations.

I am a happy

And I am healthy

I am enough


When you follow all these steps you get away from these limiting beliefs into a growing belief pattern and you can surely achieve what you want to.

About the Author: Anju Jindal

Anju is a trainer, entrepreneur, and career growth specialist who helps students, working professionals, women, and Job seekers to reach out to their goals by implementing a Career Growth plan Beliefs

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