Eat That Frog –BOOK REVIEW

By Brian Tracy

If you want to do your task on time and need motivation.

If you procrastinate your tasks and want to be more productive.

Then, this is a must-read book for you. I read this book because the author is one of my favourite inspirations when it comes to personal development. He is someone who has written over 70 books and has changed the lives of millions across countries.

He is none other than Brian Tracy if you have not known him then you must read this book and know him through this. His writing style is generally easy to read and helps in providing strategies that can be brought into action.

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In the whole book, the first thing which is talked about is eating the frog, now who is this frog.

It was said once by an American author that if your job is to eat the frogs, then do it first thing in the morning and eat the biggest.


The first thing in this book which is mentioned is:

The frogs are basically compared to our tasks and according to the author of the book if you do the most important task which can have a positive impact on your life but there is the probability that you could procrastinate. Then, do that first in the morning.

If there are two important tasks, then choose the hardest and biggest one first. Also, make sure that you get up only once the task is finished for which you can take it as a challenge for yourself and stop yourself from getting tempted for easier task completion.


After this, the second thing which is talked about is:

Do not keep looking and thinking about the task for long. Start doing it. The main thing for better performances and productivity is by developing the habit of doing the most important and biggest thing first in the morning without thinking much about it.

These are the two things which gave the name to the book “Eat that frog” which simply means start your day by doing the most important and the biggest task which probably you will procrastinate because it is hard.


Few things which are also discussed in the book are as follows:
Key to productivity and achievement

The main keys to productivity and achievement which are simple but very effective are four:

  • Select the most important task – There are two kinds of people one who is always busy but they complete little tasks daily and even they are the ones who procrastinate hard tasks for doing later. On the other hand, there are people who never crib about being busy and complete their tasks on time. These people are always focused on the most important tasks.

This can also be called an 80,20 rule where your 80 % results are based on 20 % of actions that are more important and 20 % results are based on 80 % of actions which can be day to day tasks, less important task, or wasteful activities.

The only solution is to apply this 80,20 rule to your life and schedule your priorities.

Do the most important and biggest task first in the morning and stop wasting a lot of time in wasteful activities. Stop being busy rather focus on what matters.

  • Start immediately – Without thinking too much just start doing the most important task because you start thinking then you may end up not doing the task. You can use the 5-second rule where once you have thought of the task just count till 5 and start doing it as starting doing something is as good as getting results.

You need to treat it as a test or challenge for yourself and should not come up with excuses.

  • Do one at a time – This is again very important that you do one task at a time single-handed and should not do multitasking. When we do one task at a time we complete the task in much less time, which can be less up to 50 % than what we will spend if we multitask and do multiple tasks at one time.

Multitasking anyways takes more time for task completion and it can also lead to loss of concentration and unnecessary stress. When we switch between tasks our mind is also having two thoughts going on that can lead to poor performance in the tasks.

  • Finish it – This is one thing which we all do. We start with the task and switch to another task when it becomes difficult or uneasy. This is a trap because if we do so we will end up not completing the important task.


we need to discipline ourselves to not take up any other task until the first task is completed because if we do not do so it can result in many issues like:

It may become difficult to come back to the task.

There will be many tasks open which cause stress and chaos. Even your concentration will not be fully in the next task.


This last step is really important and hard at the same time, but if done then it can give you result which you want.

There are few points which are discussed in the book and are really important like:

Take one step at a time

It is a very common thing to keep a lot of items on the to-do list and this is one thing that can be a big reason for procrastination because when we see a lot of things to do it becomes resistance for our mind to concentrate on one task.

We feel stressed that there is so much to do, the best thing is to take one step at a time and keep your task list small with one important task to be finished at one time. It will help you forget the rest of the things and focus on limited things only at one time.


Energize yourself

As it is important to take care of your time by time management, it is also important to take care of your energy levels. If we are not energized and tired the tasks will not be done with full focus and the effectiveness of the task will be less. If you are in good energy then you will do the tasks effectively and in less time also.

Energy level major time depends on the food we eat, how much water we drink, and how physically and mentally active we are.

So, it is important to have a balanced and fiber-rich diet, 2 to 3 liters of water daily, and some mental and physical activity.


Acquire knowledge

Acquire knowledge as much as possible in your field by reading the content of your own field and interestAttending meetings of the field. Listening to podcasts on the content of your field.


Actions define results

This is yet another important thing that the author has reiterated in different programs and booksSuccess or failure does not happen by accident, whereas the results depend on what we do over and over again. Miracles do not exist and the results are the outcomes of our persistent actions.


So if we want to be successful, growing then learn from the successful people in the world. Be a lifelong learner, eat that frog every morning, take care of energy levels and you are good to go.

Read the book once and you will be super motivated, energized and you will know all about time management.


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