Phases of job interview


Do you want to know what are the phases of the interview?

Do you want to know what all is part of the interview?

So, In continuation to our previous video on Interview, Today we are going to discuss what are the phases of the interview.


The four phases are covered in detail in the video:

  1. Preparation phase – This phase is the skill development phase where you develop the required skills for the career profile you choose. This starts on the day you decide your career profile. The duration of this phase may vary depending on the job profile from 1 year to 6 years.
  2. Pre Interview Phase – This phase is the phase that starts when you get to know that you need to appear for an interview and ends at the time when you actually appear for the interview.
  3. During the interview phase – This is the actual time and can be called “DO or DIE situation”. It is the time for performance and if you perform well then there is no way to look back. Just pull it off well by being confident and present-minded.
  4. Post interview phase – This phase starts when the interview is completed and this is the time to analyze your performance and if something needs to be improved then start working on the same.

We need to make sure that we give due importance and time to the first two phases as if those two phases are correctly taken care of then rest two phases will not be much of an issue.

If we take care of all the phases, then clearing the interview is not going to be a big problem.


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