Alternative APPS against banned apps

Alternative APPS against banned apps

As we all are aware that many apps are banned as per the government policies, but this is not a reason to worry we have alternatives against banned apps. This a great way to promote local so that the Indian economy can be benefited and pushed.

Let us just get quickly to the apps now to know the alternative applications which can be used instead of banned apps.

Few short video platforms that are banned now are TikTok, Helo, Big Libe, Vigo Video, Vmate, U Video, and Kwai. These have been really popular with Indians. Many of the artists made a huge amount of money from these apps.

You need not worry as there are many apps that are in existence and can be used as an alternative are





As per the sources, Zee5 is also working to launch a short video platform.


Translation app Baidu that is used for translation is also banned, but we already have few translation apps which can be a great alternative for it.

Google Translate

Hi Translate

The above mentioned apps are the ones that can be commonly used.


Social platforms like We Meet, We Chat cannot be used in India now. These are used for social networking. But, we already have popular platforms for social networking like




By all means, these are more popular and widely used platforms.

ShareIt, Xender, ES File Explorer, are some file-sharing apps that are restricted to be used in India. These are amongst the apps which were popularly used by us. The alternatives already exist which may not be so popular.

The ones that can solve the same purpose.

Files Go

Send Anywhere

Google Drive


Share All

Jio Switch

Smart share


There are few browsers also which are restricted to be used in India and the names of the browsers are UC Browser, DC Browser, CM Browser, APUS Browser.

The alternative browsers against them are

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Microsoft Edge


Jio Browser

Mobile Legend is also banned against which Fortnite Battle Royale, Legends of Legends, PUBG can be used.

Baidu map app cannot be used in India now, but we have Google Maps, Apple Maps for locations.


There are many shopping platforms that were earlier a lot in use by us, but now cannot be used. Shein, Club Factory, ROMW, are the few names.

The are many other alternative shopping portals that can be used now






One of the most used scanning apps that was found in all phones was Camscanner and now that is also banned in India but we have many alternative apps like

Adobe Scan

Microsoft Office Lens

Photo Scan


There are some photo editing apps that can make one look better that are also banned. YouCam makeup, SelfieCity, Meitu are the names of the app which cannot be used now. The alternative apps that can be used for the same purpose are B612 Beauty & Filter Camera.

Battery saving app named DU battery saver is now restricted to be used, but the alternate apps against this are Battery Saver & Charge Optimize.


Newsfeed for being updated from time to time are really important as we do not have a lot of time for reading the whole news but few Newsfeed apps cannot be used now. News dog, UC News, QQ Newsfeed, are used for the same that are banned now. 

Instead, you can use

Google News

Apple News


This is a short blog to update you on what apps you can use instead of the apps that are banned. You can use these apps and let your work be done.

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