How to improve pronunciation

How to Improve pronunciation ?

Improve pronunciation – When we talk about the English language, pronunciation is the essential part. How you speak will significantly impact the recipient’s understanding and create an impression. In this blog, learn how to improve pronunciation.
First, remember there is no shortcut to getting perfect at pronunciation. Just follow the following tips to improve your pronunciation skill faster.


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Tips to Improve pronunciation

  • Listen to yourself
  • Slow down
  • Picture it
  • Watch Yourself
  • Copy a native speaker
  • Practice it alone
  • Find an English pal
  • Know the phonemic chart
  • Take up a course

Tip 1 to Improve pronunciation : Listen to yourself

It is generally difficult to hear your pronunciation and find errors as you concentrate on communication instead of the sounds you make. The best thing would be to record yourself on a smartphone and note the areas for improvement.

Tip 2: Slow down

Most of us think that English speaking fluency is about speaking fast. It is entirely a myth. When we talk too fast, we may sound nervous and indecisive. Instead, speak slowly and give yourself the time to breathe. It will also provide time for the brain to think about what to say next. You will be more relaxed and can concentrate on correcting the pronunciation.

Tip 3: Picture it

It is one trick that has worked for some. You need to close your eyes and think of how to make the sound before saying it. Here, you will need to study the phonemic chart that will help you think about the sound and relate it to other English phonemes.

Tip 4: Watch Yourself

You have to stand in front of the mirror to see the placement of your tongue and lips. Also, the shape of your mouth when making some sounds is correct. You can then refer to or compare the same with the native speaker.

Tip 5: Copy a native speaker

It is one activity that can be of real help. There can be no replacement for this as native speakers are the experts in the English language. Listen to native speakers through radio programs, television programs, or movies. You can imitate what you hear even if you are unsure what they say.

Tip 6: Practice it alone

I have heard people saying that I do not have anyone who can speak to me in English, so I cannot practice. Well! You can do it yourself. You can create scenarios like meeting someone for the first time, ordering at a restaurant, or asking for directions. After this, act out the dialogues by yourself. Leave the fear and shame behind.

Tip 7: Find an English pal

One of the best things is having someone to speak to in English. Find a friend who is also looking forward to improving your English. Meet or talk to him frequently. As you both are interested in improving your English, you will do it seriously.

Tip 8: Know the phonemic chart

The phonemic chart is a visual representation of various sounds. It may feel that you are learning a new language, but it can be of real help. English spelling does not always correspond with pronunciation. Just think about the letters ‘ough’ in the words ‘Though,’ ‘Through,’ and ‘Ought.’ There are different representations of the same. Choose the one that suits you best. which Improve pronunciation

Five senses
Five senses

Tip 9: Join a course

You may practice by yourself, but if you need to know the techniques and structure to get better at pronunciation, then you should take the course in which the expert trainer will guide you. You will see the system and framework to learn and practice articulation with others for Improve pronunciation. Check out the program.

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