Job or Business - Which is better


What is better – Job or Business?

Having a job with a fixed digit salary or being your boss taking your own decisions. Which is best?

This is a question that every one of us will face once in a lifetime. We may face it, just when we complete our education or when we are in our mid-career.

What you should choose and what are the differences and what is good for one between a job and a business will depend on a lot of factors. This blog will answer all these questions further in the blog.

The current scenario is we have a lot of opportunities irrespective of whether we select a job or business. These opportunities are emerging because of technology and various other changes in the industries. This is also leading to lots of confusion.

This is also happening because many young entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, and Jeff Bezos founder of Amazon has set an example for youngsters. Many fresher look up to them to start a new businesstake risks, but there are still many who want to go for the secure job option. There is so much pressure from their family members, friends, and society on the youngsters that they are continuously churned with questions like what to do? How to do?

Let us look at all the pros and cons of job and business to get some clarity on that.

  1. Who is the boss? -The first and the foremost thing is in business. You are your own boss and you set the rules which need to be followed by all, whereas if you are in a job you have many bosses and many rules which you are supposed to follow.

  2. Who takes the decision? – The next big difference in decision-making. In business, you are the whole sole decision-maker whereas if you do the jobs you need to take orders and follow the decision taken by your employer.

  3. Flexibility of schedule – If you are a business person you have the flexibility to work at your comfortable schedules. If you are late then also no one is there to question you. In a job you have to follow the scheduled time for your coming to the office and you need to follow the same else you will be answerable for the same.

  4. Job security – The business gives you job security because you cannot be fired and no matter what you will stay in your organization. If you are thinking to do a job, then you can anytime be sacked from the job if you do not work appropriately or the employer wants so.

  5. Personal space – If you do the business then you have a personal space of yours in the office where you can spend time in planning and you have a personal space to think about organization. In a job your space depends on your employer. How much and when your personal space will be given, is dependent on your employer.

  6. Enjoy profits – If you are doing business, then you are the whole sole person. You enjoy the full profits, but in the same way, the losses will also be borne by you only. In the case of a job you do not have any right to the profits and you also do not need to worry about losses. Every month you have the benefit of getting a fixed salary in your account irrespective of the organization has profited or not which is not the case in the business.

  7. Exposure to opportunities – As you are doing a business you are not confined to one job profile. You have to do multiple tasks that give you more exposure and opportunities to learn and perform new tasks. If you do a job, you work for a particular profile in one department that limits your area and you have limited opportunities. This also depends on the employer what opportunities he would like to give you.

  8. Freedom to explore – If you do the business, you have the freedom to explore and have the satisfaction of putting all your efforts and hard work. Whatever may be the result, but you have all satisfaction. If you do a job, then you do not have the freedom to explore options. You have to follow all that is said to you by the employer.

  9. Who makes the rules? – In business, you are the one who owns it so rules are also formed by you only. When you do a job, you cannot make rules you have to follow the rules of the employer.

  10. Employment – As a businessman, you provide employment opportunities to others and help others to earn their living. But, as a job person, you are dependent on others for employment opportunities.

  11. Reputation – As a businessman, you have a high reputation and prestige in the eyes of others as compared to if you do a job. This all brings goodwill to you and opens up ways for more opportunities.

  12. Investment – If you are thinking of doing a business, then you need to have an initial heavy investment, whereas if you are doing the job you do not need any sort of investment.

  13. Risk – In business, The probability is there that you may suffer losses and so the risk is all yours because you have an initial investment. You also need to invest in day to day activity. If you do the job, then as there is no investment done by your side so there is no risk also.

  14. Regular income – In the case of business, there is no surety of regularity in income, but if you do the job then you get your monthly income on time.

  15. Matters to be dealt with – In the case of business, you need to deal with a lot of matters and need to know them all like taxes, accounting, managing incomes and expenses, government rules and regulations, marketing, and managing competition. But, in the case of a job you just need to be an expert regarding the work you do.

So, having so many differences we can see that both the business and job have their own pros and cons. It is how you deal with them. You should choose amongst them based on your personality trait and what you want in your life.

About the Author: Anju Jindal

Anju is a trainer, entrepreneur, and career growth specialist who helps students, working professionals, women, and Job seekers to reach out to their goals by implementing a Career Growth plan

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