2 daily changes for time management

There are two things in life that are very limited for everyone which are:

Focus as it is always distracting.

Time as it is very limited.

We all struggle to complete the task on time. Right!

Today we will talk about 2 daily changes which we can do in order to have better time management.


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The first thing which we should do is have a weekly schedule

Weekly schedule which means that you need to plan your To-Do list weekly. If you plan less than 1 week you may loose on some tasks and if planned for more than it may result in over-planning. The components should be as follows:


The second daily change is having a TO-DO list with 135 Formula

135 Formula which says a To-Do list consists of limited tasks that too aligned according to your energy level in a day. The items according to this formula are explained below:

  1. 1 means 1 Big Task which should be the first thing on your To-Do list and the time assigned should be when you are high on energy. In general, the morning time, but can vary from person to person. It will not only assure that the big task is completed, but will also make sure that it is done in the best possible way.

  2. 3 means 3 Medium Tasks which should be after 1 high task on your To-Do list and the time assigned should be when you have medium energy. In general the afternoon time.

  3. 5 means 5 Easy Tasks which should be last on your To-Do list and the time assigned should be when you are low on your energy. In general the evening time. It makes sure that if some task in your To-Do is left out it will be an easy or small task.

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