What is a growth mindset?

What is a growth mindset?

What is a growth mindset?

We are what we are because of our mindset and it plays a big role when it comes to our personality and the way we conduct ourselves. Mindset is basically an established set of attitudes and the way we think. It also affects our learning. It defines our success and failure.

It defines our qualities. It defines us all together. The mindset plays a very important role in the way we deal with the challenges of life. It also affects the effort we do to achieve things.

Why is it so that some of us feel it is difficult to deal with things and some of us take the challenge, face it, and get rid of the fear of not able to get it done.

We all have different abilities and knowledge which we apply to deal with situations. We can learn and develop skills to face the challenge, but we can only do so if we have the correct mindset. If we do not adopt the correct mindset we may face setbacks, we may give up.

We see many people have a dream. Only a few can fulfill their dreams whereas others keep on complaining that we did all we could but nothing worked out. It is proven in a lot of theories that it is all because of the correct mindset.

Let us just understand what is the correct mindset and how can we develop?


There are two types of mindset

Fixed mindset:

  1. This can be simply be defined as people who feel that the qualities are inborn, fixed, and unchangeable.
  2. The belief is that talent can only lead to success.
  3. Believes effort is useless.
  4. Assumes mistakes as failures.
  5. Fixed mindset people avoid challenges.
  6. They ignore feedback.
  7. Feels threatened by other’s success.

Growth mindset:

  1. This can be defined as people who feel that abilities can be developed and learned.
  2. The belief is that people can evolve towards a higher level of intellect, wisdom, experience, or performance in any field of interest.
  3. Believes effort is the path to master anything.
  4. Assumes mistakes as learning.
  5. Growth mindset people embrace challenges.
  6. Believes failure as a step to success.
  7. They welcome feedback.
  8. Take inspiration from other’s success.

So, now as we know that the growth mindset can take us to success and growth.

We will focus on the strategies through which we can develop a growth mindset.

1.) Zero comfort zone – The biggest problem in today’s time with people is they want to achieve big things in life but they do not want to come out of their comfort. They do not want to make any effort and keep on blaming situations and people around them. We need to stop this and take all possible efforts and actions in order to achieve our goals and grow. Actions can only assure growth.

2.) Persistence and patience – For having a growth mindset we need to be persistent as far as actions are concerned. Many times we start taking action but we do not do it consistently and so the result is not as per the expectation. We also need to show patience as results may take time to come. We do not need to loose hope if results are taking the time.

3.) Acknowledge and embrace your weaknesses – Every individual in this world has got a weakness. Some may be lazy, some may lack communication skills, some may have less knowledge. But, the main thing is if you need to develop a growth mindset, first you need to acknowledge and embrace the fact that you have a weakness

Then, you need to plan a goal around that weakness so that with time you can deal with weakness or overcome itYou need to be honest with yourself about your weaknesses.

4.) Take the challenge as opportunities – Our fears to deal with the challenges also stops us from having a growth mindset. We need to stop getting fearful of challenges rather we should take them as opportunities to learn, grow. We should take all the possible efforts and steps to convert challenges into opportunities.

5.) Adapt the right learning strategies – The strategies adopted by people also make a difference. We need to look at the options to have in-depth knowledge. We need to adopt the right ways of learning the content that is necessary for our goals to achieve. The right learning strategies will help you to develop a growth mindset.

6.) The brain has the ability to change throughout life – Your brain has the ultimate power to change your lifeChannelize your energy and realize the power of the brain. If you feel that brain is constant then you may not be able to grow. So, use the brain in learning and growing.

7.) Believe in the process then results – We need to believe in the process as process works. If we need to have a growth mindset then we need to break our long term goal into smaller goals and start focusing on the process of completing one goal at a time. If we have the process in tune then any task will be hardly missed.

8.) Set goals every time – For the growth mindset, it is really important to set goals and break them into smaller goals. If we have goals we know what we want to achieve and when we know what is our target, we can plan our actions and start performing our actions accordingly.

9.) Efforts and actions are important than talent – We need to believe in our efforts and actions as when our actions are correctly and timely performed then the result will surely come. Some people are born with talent but they also need practice and actions to keep that talent polishedEffort and actions will develop a growth mindset.

10.) Learn well than learn fast – We need to learn properly so that we can implement things properly irrespective of whatever time it takes to learn. We need to focus on learning rather than just doing it fast.

11.) Learn something new every day – Learning well is important and with that, it is also important to learn something new every day. Learning here means knowing it and implementing it so that we remember it all. Learning inculcates growth in us.

12.) Take and give constructive criticism – We as human beings are not able to take criticism. For growth, we need to learn to take criticism constructively. If we can take that as positive feedback and improve ourselves then it is going to make us better day by day.

13.) Failure is a step to improve – We need to remember that failure is just a step to improve and when we fail we need to learn why we failed and start all over again. To have a growth mindset we need to remember that failure is not the end.

14.) Learn from the mistakes – Mistakes should not be taken very seriously but that does not mean that we totally forget them. We need to analyze the mistakes, learn if we need to. We also need to remember here that mistakes can be of ours or others but we need to make sure that we do not repeat them again. This will help us to develop a growth mindset.

15.) Follow passion – Last point which is really important because the growth mindset is a sign of growth in life. A growth mindset is possible when you follow your passion with consistency.

It is been seen that people who follow their passion or discover passion in what they do which can be done with habits then the growth and success definitely follow.

Till now we must have understood that the growth mindset is really needed to have growth in life but, it is been observed that there is one more mindset that is very much in existence today. It is called a mixed mindset

A mixed mindset is the one that has attributes of both a fixed mindset and a growth mindset.

We need to first understand what is the current mindset we have and once we discover what type of mindset we have, we need to start taking steps to move from a fixed mindset to a mixed mindset and gradually we can move to a growth mindset.

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