Does this happen to you that you want to do something, but you are just delaying it for long?

Do you have some tasks on your to-do list which is pending for a long?

If yes, Do you know what is it called?


Why does this happen?

It is called procrastination.

What is procrastinating?

Procrastinating is the act of delaying or postponing something for long. It may be related to any career-related tasks or health-related tasks.


In today’s video let us just discuss all procrastinating.

Why do we procrastinate?

We will also discuss 11 tips for anti-procrastination which will let us complete our tasks without delay.


What are the reasons for procrastination?

  1. It is easy to do – People take the easy way out by opting for not doing it because if they will do, they will have to put in the effort, time and they may have to take the pain.

  2. Not able to focus because of distractions – When we start with a task, there are so many distractions around us that we are not able to concentrate on the main task and things are delayed. Distractions like social media, Phones, TV, etc.

  3. Unclear on what to do – When we do not know what to do and how to do it.

  4. Overwhelmed with the task – We get so afraid of the task or we think it is too much to handle.

  5. Lack of interest in the task – If we do not have an interest in the task we may procrastinate the task.

  6. The task looks big – We see the whole task which looks big and when we see big things we avoid doing them so break them into small parts.\

  7. Taking life as a lottery – People take life as what it is believing in luck and live life as and when the thing comes.

  8. No idea of actually what one wants – When people are not clear about goals they delay the things to be done.

  9. Over commitment – When people commit to more tasks that can be completed in a day.

  10. Fear of change or failure – People do not want to change or fail and are afraid of these so they procrastinate things.


What are the 11 tips for anti procrastination?

  1. Identify the reason – Identify the reason and the fact that you are procrastinating because once you do so, you will be able to act on it.

  2. Forgive yourself and overcome – Do not be too hard on yourself and it is ok to procrastinate sometimesForgive yourself for doing so and work on the action plan to do things.

  3. Let go of perfection – Perfectionism can also lead to procrastination as we keep on delaying things because we want to start things when we get perfect at it.

  4. Start today and break the task – Don’t say you will do it later or tomorrow. Start doing it today and also break the big tasks into smaller portions to do them properly.

  5. The miracle of five minutes – This is a great way to stop yourself from procrastinating. What you need to do is when you get to know the fact that you are procrastinating you just need to close your eyes and have a talk with yourself about what is happening, why you are delaying the task, what actions can be taken.

  6. Pick one thing you are procrastinating on at one time – Don’t do a lot of things at one time pick one thing and complete that. Then only move to the next task.

  7. Keep your to-do list short – Make a smaller to-do list rather than keep for a day the procrastinated item so that you have to complete it as you do not have anything else to do.

  8. Take the challenge – Challenge yourself by betting with a friend so that you are in a competitive mode to complete the task.
  9. Power hour – Have an hour or two hours of the day when you are away from distractions at a separate place so that full focus is on completing the task. This will help you to have focus and better output.

  10. Power playlist – Have a power song playlist in which you have songs that can motivate you and you can listen to them on the days when you are lazy, low on energy, or distracted.

  11. Plan for rewards – Plan to reward yourself if you complete the task which can motivate you to do better.

Following these tips can help you to complete your task on time.

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