SECRET TO LONG LIVING LIFE – This book is the one book which everyone should read once in a lifetime as if you are lost or you need to know the real purpose of your life then this book is really for you. IKIGAI is a Japanese word that means “Life to be worthwhile“. This book explains various aspects of life beautifully.

The secret to long living life

BOOK REVIEW – IKIGAI – The Japanese secret to a long and happy life

By Héctor García

It is the Japanese way which starts with explaining how to find the purpose of life because if you find the purpose you will be happy, satisfied, and will be free from stress and anxiety.

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For this, you need to ask four questions to yourself because when you answer these questions. You will be able to get to know the purpose.

The questions are:

What are you good at?

And What do you love doing?

And What you can be paid for?

What is that which world’s needs?


This is explained by the picture below:

This book tells us about the blue zones where the average age of people living there is very high and the people there are also happy and more satisfied. The places like Japan, the Italian island of Sardinia, Costa Rica, and many more.

It also talks about the below-mentioned points:

Stay active; don’t retire – We always need to be active as till the time we are active we can live more and we can have a better life. So, we should never retire from an active lifestyle. In this, you need to take life at a slow pace. We are always running after things and living life at a fast pace, without even thinking about the negative impact of it on ourselves. We need to slow down and have a happy, satisfying life.

Don’t fill your stomach – In this book, the author also talks about the importance of good food. We do not need to fill our stomach with unwanted food or food which is not good for our health. And We need to fill our stomach with food which is fibrous and healthy. We need to have food to live and should not live for eating food.

Surround yourself with good friends – It has been always told that you become the same as you have people in your surrounding. Your family is what you get by birth, but you can choose the friends. So, choose friends who can add to your learnings, choose friends whom you can look up to. Choose your friend wisely and add to your life.

Smile – The importance of a smile refers to many times and here also smile is mentioned as a big asset. A smile can bring lots of positivity and happiness around. It lets us believe other people that you are genuinely and sincerely interested in them.

Reconnect with nature – When we are connected to the roots, and nature you embrace the attributes and features from them. So, it is important to be reconnected with nature as much as possible and learn attributes from nature.


Have gratitude – Be thankful for all the small things which you have in your life. If you practice gratitude and be grateful for all those things, then more such things will be attracted to your life. You will have lots of satisfaction, happiness in your life. We should look and thankful for what we have and not for what we do not have.

Live in the moment – One more very important point is shared by the author in this book which says live in the moment. When you live in the moment and do not take it seriously then you are stress-free and happy.

This book surely helps you find what you should be doing and it fills you with so much energy that you can kick start with things. This method is used by a lot of people and if you need a consultant for knowing your IKIGAI then you can contact

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