How to improve presentation skills?

Why presentation skills are important?

Learn public speaking – Why presentation skills are important? This is one question that needs an answer as presentation skills are one of the important skills for everyone.

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One skill that is looked upon by everyone with other skills. Whether you are interviewing for a brand new company, or you are looking forward to a promotion, this skill is important to be possessed.

                  Good Presenters = Excellent Communicators

Presentation skills are certainly the skills that help you to deliver the content timely, clear, and professionally which in turn will also help you to get a good result.

Why presentation skills are important? – Learn public speaking

  • Important for individual success – If you are somebody who is looking to get a job in a company, you will also have to face an interview with hiring managers. Here, you will have to present yourself in the best possible way. This is why; you need good presentation skills.
  • It is important for business success – If you are somebody who is looking forward to having a business, you will have to meet clients. You will have to interact with the vendors, superiors, and team members. Handling this also requires a person having good presentation skills to lead the projects as good presentation skills will help you to climb the ladder of success.

  • For time management – A good presenter understands the importance of time management. We have all seen presentations where the speaker either talks a lot, bore the audience, or is not able to convey the message across. Good presentation skills also bring time management to you.

  • It is important to connect with people – A presenter is the one who can connect with the audience and the people, he is communicating with. He/she can use stories, humor, visuals, or any other engaging technique to build rapport with the audience. This is the reason you need to have good presentation skills.

    Now, when you know, why we need to have good presentation skills

  • let us just get through the tips that can help be good presentation skills. These are a few things that are common in good Presentations

Presentation skills – Learn public speaking


A good presentation needs preparedness and this does not mean that it has to be written and rehearsed until you know it by heart. Maybe that works for some, but not for all. It does mean that you need to be prepared and know what you are presenting so that you are confident enough of what you are saying. Preparedness will help you to say the right things, in the right manner to the right people.

Clarity of message and audience

You being a presenter need to know and be clear about who is the audience and what is the message. This will help you to convey your message in the best way to the audience. Information will help you to define your style, structure, content, and use of visual aids for the presentation.

Be aware of the time

Nobody in this world wants to give more time than allocated for anything, especially a presentation, so you need to be short and be in the allocated time for the presentation. This will help you to have a positive image in the mind of the audience.

Remember, the audience came for you

If you are the one who has got the audience, then you are the lucky one as they have chosen you as volunteers. They want to listen to you and know what you have to say. So, just go for it and give your best.

With all the above tips, you also need to remember one thing when you are presenting, you are in charge of the room. This power is given to you by the audience. So, in case you think during the presentation that the message is not going across or the audience is not enjoying what you have to say, you can surely change things.

For example:

  • You can ask some questions from the audience to know what exact information they are looking forward to.
  • If the audience feel is getting bored, you can skip some part of the presentation to move to the interesting portion.
  • Discuss with the audience.
  • Set the expectation and know the expectation from the audience at the beginning itself.

This can help you to tailor the presentation to fit the expectations of the audience and make it as per the audience. As you are also having the role of facilitator, it is your responsibility to help your audience to get the most out of your presentation. The best method is to take feedbacks, which includes written feedback, verbally asking the audience what they learned during the presentation, and nonverbal clues, including smiles, nods of interest, or the questions they ask during the presentation.

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By all means, presentation skill is one skill that can be needed in any circumstances, also this circumstance can be new and you do not have prior information. Learn public speaking

The circumstance can be many to learning public speaking includes:

  1. Presentation in Interviews.
  2. Large groups and conferences.
  3. while giving lectures and seminars.
  4. Presenting while giving a speech for example- at a wedding.
  5. while attending public consultation meetings.

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