What to do if Goals are not known?


One question which I have been asked several times?

The question asked by people is “I do not have goals. What to do?”

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 How to make an action plan to achieve your goal?

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 There are two situations which people are in general cases-

1.     The person does not know, what are his/her goals.

2.     The person knows what his/her goals are but do not know how to achieve them.

Second question, what we have been dealing with from last two sessions. But, the first question is what people have not got answers for and are not knowing how to find the true goals.

·       The goals which can actually satisfy them,

·       The goals which can motivate them,

·       The goals which can help them to grow


So, let us just check out the answer for the big question

How to find true goals?


See, If we generally talk to anybody, there are major time following common areas in any person’s life.

·       Relationships

·       Career

·       Health and Wellness

·       Finances

·       Personal Growth

First 4 domains lead to overall growth in 5th domain.

Now, what we need to do?

We need to identify whether we want to have any sorts of betterment in any of the above domains.

If yes, then that is the domain where we should make goals. Though at any given point of time a person will need betterment in all the domains which are mentioned above. If you have more than one domain to work on, then set their priority. It will help you to decide how much time and what efforts needs to given to the goals.


Then, there are 4 types of goals:


Lifetime goals

The goals are the ones which takes 10 years or more than that to achieve the goals. Generally this is something which is your high point of life or ideal future self.

These goals help you to transform and evolve with time.


Long term goals

These are the goals which take 5 to 10 years to achieve and plays very important role in the overall growth of ours. We all make them in our career domain and personal growth domain.


Short term goals

These are the goals which helps you to reach your long term goals. These can be for a month to 1 year.


Setting stone goals

These are the transactional goals which allow you to reach short-term goals which ultimately are helping you to +achieve long-term and lifetime goals.


Few steps which can really help you to decide on goals:

1.     List down your domains which you want betterment in.

2.     Set their priorities.

3.     Ask yourself what kind of feelings and experiences do you want in your life.

4.     Are you doing things that excite you or interests you.

5.     Now list out action which you think you should take to reach to the place which can excite you.

All these questions will help you to get a self- analysis and have self awareness about yourself. It will also help you to know you about your goals and help you understand which pathway to take to achieve your goals.


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About the Author: Anju Jindal

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