How does the mindset help in growth?


What is the mindset?

How mindset can help people to define their path?

Is the mindset responsible for growth?

The answer is yes mindset is really important as it sets the intention for setting the actions.


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There are actually two sets of mindsets:


Fixed mindset

Growth mindset


Fixed mindset


This can be simply be defined as people who feel that qualities are inborn, fixed, and unchangeable.

  • The belief is that talent can only lead to success.
  • Believes effort is useless.
  • Assumes mistakes as failures.
  • Fixed mindset people avoid challenges.
  • They ignore feedback.
  • Feels threatened by other’s success.

Growth mindset

This can be defined as people who feel that abilities can be developed and learned.

  • The belief is that people can evolve towards a higher level of intellect, wisdom, experience, or performance in any field of interest.
  • Believes effort is the path to master anything.
  • Assumes mistakes as learning.
  • Growth mindset people embrace challenges.
  • Believes failure as a step to success.
  • They welcome feedback.
  • Take inspiration from other’s success.

1.) Zero comfort zone


The biggest problem in today’s time with people is they want to achieve big things in life but they do not want to come out of their comfort. They do not want to make any effort and keep on blaming on situations and people around them. We need to stop this and take all possible efforts and actions in order to achieve our goals and growActions can only assure growth.

2.) Follow passion


Last point which is really important because the growth mindset is a sign of growth in life. A growth mindset is possible when you follow your passion with consistency.

It is been seen that people who follow their passion or discover passion in what they do which can be done with habits then the growth and success definitely follow.


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