Procrastination is the act of delaying or postponing a task for long whatever may be the reason.

Check in the video what are the steps which we need to follow to avoid procrastination.

But before we move on to the steps we really need to focus on two things

  1. What can be the result of procrastination?

  2. Why does procrastination happen?


What can be the result of procrastination?

Procrastination can really add unwanted things to your life and can result in negative emotions in your life.

1.) It may give us guilt, anxiety, stress – When we keep on procrastinating things or tasks for long it can result in the negative feelings in your life. The feelings like guilt, anxiety, stress as when you see the list is getting bigger day by day.

2.) You are not able to prioritize our work – Because you have new tasks to do and there are procrastinated tasks also it is difficult to prioritize the work and in this mess, the focus is also not there.

This may further add to more procrastination of the tasks and it becomes a vicious circle which is difficult to come out of.

3.) The workload gets increasing – When we procrastinate the tasks it increases our workload definitely because the tasks which were procrastinated keep on getting added to the task list.

4.) It may give short-term happiness – It may lead to short-term happiness as you are free to do what you want to without any pressure, but in the long run. It will add on to the negative feelings.

5.)We do not know our goals clearly – When we have so many tasks to do. We hardly get time to think of our goals and when we do not think about them we hardly know our goals. This all leads to the nondevelopment of the person.

6.) You will lose precious time – Your time keeps on running out of your hands as you are mostly engaged in doing the procrastinated thing. You are just rearranging your work and you also have no time for yourself.

7.) You will lose on opportunities – The all above-mentioned points are adding up in losing on opportunities. You do not have either time and energy to focus on new opportunities as you are lost in procrastinated tasks only.

Seeing all the above points who would want to procrastinate. Some things which we can do to avoid procrastination and which are in our control are as follows:

  1. It is easy to do – People take the easy way out by opting for not doing it because if they will do. They will have to put in the effort, time and they may have to take the pain.

  2. Not able to focus because of distractions – When we start with a task, there are so many distractions around us that we are not able to concentrate on the main task and things are delayedDistractions like social media, Phones, TV, etc.

  3. Unclear on what to do – When we do not know what to do and how to do it.

  4. Overwhelmed with the task – We get so afraid of the task or we think it is too much to handle.

  5. Lack of interest in the task – If we do not have an interest in the task we may procrastinate the task.

  6. The task looks big – We see the whole task which looks big and when we see big things we avoid doing them so break them into small parts.

  7. Taking life as a lottery – People take life as what it is believing in luck and live life as and when the thing comes.

  8. No idea of actually what one wants – When people are not clear about their goals they delay the things to be done.

  9. Over commitment – When people commit to more tasks that can be completed in a day.

  10. Fear of change or failure – People do not want to change or fail and are afraid of these so they procrastinate things.

I have seen people having 4 step method which can help anyone to avoid procrastination.


Do you want to know the method?

The method is known as the RFPA method.

Let us now focus and see what is this RFPA METHOD

R- Recognize – You need to recognize that you are procrastinating. you can do so by

1.) Checking your daily routines and if you find that some task is on your to-do list for a long time then that task is the task which you are procrastinating.

2.) You have not responded to emails in your mailbox.

3.) Your day is filled with unimportant tasks.

If any of the above points states true, then you are procrastinating.

F – Find – Once you have recognized that you are procrastinating then you need to find the reason and the tasks which you are procrastinating. In this, you also need to know the type of procrastination that is done by you.

There are approx 7 types of procrastination like emotional procrastination, attention-seeking procrastination, and many more which we will deal with in another blog.

P- Plan – Here the planning needs to be done for setbacks for which you first need to forgive yourself for procrastinating then Analyze what went right and what needs to be improved.

A – Adopt – After finding the reason now you need to adopt a strategy through which we can deal with the procrastination of the tasks. The strategy simply starts from the correct mindset that is 100% committed and 0 comfort zone.

Then you need to have a vision board to plan and track goals for which various tools like planners and mobile apps can come to your help. You can use visualization techniques like affirmations, writing goals daily, etc.

Here time management techniques also help to have small to-do lists with first completing the important task of the day with deadlines and rewards for yourself if the task is done on time.

Have a decluttered environment and get rid of distractions to avoid procrastination.

There are a lot of strategies and if you want, you can join the Anti procrastination blueprint program to know all about it and implement it in your life.

Follow the steps and be away from procrastination.

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