We cannot undermine the importance of communication. We need to develop an environment that can help constructive communication to happen and it will lead to growth and success.

As far as corporate is concerned a corporate faces lots of challenges let us see what are the challenges which are faced by them.

The challenges can be internal and external, let us see one by one.

Internal challenges faced by corporate

There are many internal challenges faced by the organization which are as follows:

  1. Budget constraints – This is one of the prime internal challenges faced by the organization. This constraint is because either the company does not have the necessary funds for employing the right people for the organization or they cannot develop the communication process. This may be because they feel it is not worth spending money on this as the results which we get are not that effective.

  2. No mutual respect – This is one of the challenge for corporate, as a group of people who works together consist of individuals having different backgrounds, culture, and nature. There can be misunderstanding that can lead to disrespect. But, we should not forget that sharing is caring and if respect is there then all can grow together. It can help to improve the environment and communication becomes easy.

  3. The relevance of information – There is so much information to share that it becomes difficult to decide which information is relevant and which is not important. The decision regarding which information to share where and when is also to be taken which depends on the situation.

  4. Language barriers – The people working in one organization may come from different backgrounds and may speak different languages. This multilingual environment can be slow, ineffective, and sometimes it may not exist. It can lead to misunderstanding and miscommunication. This type of environment can become difficult to cope up with and may need the extra expense or extra work to get work done.

  5. New recruitment – Newly recruited employees need training which may take extra time. Though the corporate have a policy about training and recruitment. This process can be cumbersome and time-consuming. Many a time new recruitments are not able to adjust with the policy and can be a hindrance for communication.

  6. Digital Challenge – In today’s time the communication and work are done digitally which can be a challenge and fear for the people. This challenge can be resolved with training that needs time and effort. This challenge cannot be taken for granted and people need to invest effort and time in this.

  7. Lack of communication Skills – There is a hierarchy in the organization for answer ability and communication which cannot be broken. If the manager is not having good communication skills, cannot effectively communicate, then this disability of the manager can be a challenge which can lead to dissatisfaction and wrong communication of the message between employees. This needs proper training and time for overcoming this challenge.

  8. Too much to respond – In an organization more than the work the response matters. There are so many messages, calls, and emails to respond that the person is messed up in that only. The message or mail can be missed, lost, deleted, forgotten, or ignored. This can be the reason for the frustration amongst employees. This a big challenge for the corporate world in the new era, so some methods should be streamlined that helps to minimize the load and helps in better communication.

  9. Lack of feedback – The communication moves in one direction in the organization due to communication hierarchy and this makes feedback also one direction. The feedback can be really helpful for better communication, trust, and motivation. If the right feedback is not provided, then it may lead to demotivation, lazy work attitudes, and less energy in the employees. This barrier of lack of proper feedback should be streamlined and well taken care of.

  10. No inter-department communication – The communication process happens in the hierarchy which makes the inter-department communication difficult to take place. The organization is made up of various departments and for the growth of the organization, it is really necessary to have good and proper inter-department communication. The system should consider some processes for proper inter-department communication.

External challenges faced by corporate

Apart from internal challenges faced by the organization, there are external challenges also faced by the organization which are as follows:

  1. No strategic alignment – The corporate strategies are not properly planned and discussed with the employees which can be a big challenge for the corporate to properly communicate the strategies with the external people like customers, investors etc.

  2. No brand alignment – The brand is aligned with the marketing campaigns of the organizations which makes it difficult to identify for the people that the product and marketing are for the brand. This really needs to be taken care of properly that the product and marketing campaigns are aligned with the brand for better communication.

  3. Unknown audience – This is again challenging which can hamper the communication of the corporate. When the corporate world does not know the audience well. They are not aware of the needs of the audience and make products without having proper knowledge of the audience. This can lead to improper communication and makes it difficult for the corporate world to be the choice of the audience.

  4. Wrong market analysis – When new products are launched or some changes are done with the products or the corporate the market analysis is not done. This can result in the wrong product launch or wrong product catering wrong market. The corporate world needs to properly do the analysis of the market behaviors, demand, pricing and other factors so that the results can be positive for the company. A right market analysis is really important and plays a major role else it can be a challenge.

  5. The difference of opinion – The organization and external environment of the corporate consist of human beings and they can have a difference of opinion that if not properly taken care of can lead to wrong communication or improper communication. The difference of opinion should be resolved and all the points of everyone should be heard and understood well. This will help the people to have trust and cooperation amongst all. This all at the end will result in proper communication and will not be a challenge to the communication.

  6. No trust – The trust is really important because if people trust the corporate world, then only they will like to purchase the products or services of the corporate world. If there is no trust then people will not like to invest in the corporate or take your products or services. The trust is really important for proper communication.

  7. Wrong communication channel – The channel of communication chosen by the organization also plays an important role else it can be a challenge for communication. The channel of communication should be chosen considering the audience, the message and purpose of the communication.

  8. Cultural & behavior difference – The whole process of communication involves people who may come from different cultural backgrounds, may have different behaviors, different likings and this impact the communication. This can be a challenge for communication if the proper process and system are not made for communication.

  9. No proper training – The proper training of internal and external people involved in the communication process is also very important else it may be a challenge for communication.

About the Author: Anju Jindal

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