When we work, study, or just be at home apart from a lot of soft skills we all can work smart, be productive, and efficient in the way we work.

But, how?

Yes, you guessed it right.

The digital skills of yours help you in this as you can use a lot of tools, apps, and software.

Though there are many software, apps, and tools few which are the most recommended and most used. Almost 80 % of people are using this software.

1.) MS office – MS office is popularly known as office which was first announced by Bill Gates on August 1, 1988, at COMDEX in Las Vegas. From then till now it has become so popular that everyone irrespective of being a housewife, businessman or student is using it. MS Office is a package that has some basic and advanced usage apps.

The latest version which is in use is MS Office 2016 and MS Office 2019. There has been a lot of changes from then till now and a lot of new versions came from then.

MS word is a word processor that is used for documentation. It can be used for making a book, pamphlet, notice, applications or projects, etc. It is a widely used app and the extension of the same is “.doc”.

MS excel is a spreadsheet editor and is again the most widely used app. It is an app that is used to do calculations, keep data in a tabular format which means you can filter and search the data easily.

MS PowerPoint is a presentation program that is used to create slideshows having text, graphics, and other objects. This is one of the universal ways to present data in the most presentable and customized way.

MS OneNote is a program that helps you to keep handwritten or typed notes, drawings, clips, or audio commentaries.

MS outlook is a program that helps you to access your all mails, calendar in one place and organize them in the best way.

2.) Canva – It is a graphic designing platform that helps you to create all sorts of social media graphics, presentations, posters with the help of drag and drop features. This is the best app used for creative and professional design.

3.) Accounting software – Financials are important for each and every organization and so we need to manage the accounts and finances of the organization. There are a lot of accounting software that is used by various organizations.

Software like tally, busy can be used or customized software can be made. Using this software will not only make your life easy but will also make your finances well managed.

4.) WhatsApp – This is a must app for each and every person irrespective of your profile. Whether you are working or not, whether you are a housewife or a student. Everyone is using this app for their personal and professional useWhatsApp has made life easy, and it is even good for fast communication.

5.) Social media websites – This is again a go-to website for each and every person. A website like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest is a few of these websites. These social media profiles are best for practical usage, showcasing your skills, promoting your business, or just for networking.

This is one of the best mediums for each and every individual. It is a powerful medium that can impact you positively or negatively both personally or professionally.

6.) Email provider – Today communication is very important and with that speed and accuracy are also important. For this email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, etc come into the picture. With the email providers, you can communicate effectively on time. These emails also work like proofs and can be used later also as one copy is available with you in the sent folder.

7.) SMS app – This is again a very effective and fast way of communication as you can do it even if you are in a very noisy place without even other people let know that a msg is sent. An inbuilt app can be used which comes in your phone by default or you can use a separate app like WeChat etc. for SMS communication.

8.) Calendar – This is something which people swear by as if you have proper and correct planning of schedule than your tasks can be done in a more proper wayGoogle calendar, phone calendar, etc. helps people to be organized and doing their work on time. Without a calendar, we would need a diary or planner which is difficult to manage. In the calendar app, there are notifications and reminders also which do not let us forget or miss any of the tasks.

9.) Teamviewer – We all need to conduct meetings in our office and need to access the system from another place. In this type of situation apps like TeamViewer come for the rescue. There are other apps also like Any Desk but TeamViewer is most widely used. In these apps, you can access the system from any place and thus they make our work easy.

10.) Hangouts – This is yet another app that is widely needed and used for video conferencing and connecting with people on go. This is a popular way to connect people with video callings but there are many other apps that are available like messenger. You can choose any but hangout is easy and good to use.

11.) Google drive – Keeping your documents available for editing every time even on go is the need of the hour and so google drive is used. It is a by-product of the Gmail account. This drive has docs, sheets, presentations all included.

They all can be accessed by multiple people at one time. We can give edit or view rights to the users, This will enable the people to even edit at one point of time even when you are traveling.

12.) Zoom – This is an app that is widely used for conducting online meetingssharing screens, conducting webinars, and presenting data. Though there are a lot of options available like google meet etc. The zoom app is very popular and in demand.

Using these Apps, life is a lot easy, and we all can do our work efficiently and effectively.

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