Types of writing styles

One of the most important skills to become a better communicator is writing skills. If one knows how to write well you are able to communicate your message clearly and easily to a big audience.

There are a lot of things where you need to show your writing skills like you may have to write a report, a notice, an email, a blog, or a resume.

All writers have different styles and ways of writing but all the contents can be divided into 4 styles of writing. Take any content which is written till now it will fall under any of these four styles of writing. If the style is determined properly then writing will be much easier.


The four types of writing styles are:

Expository writing style

Descriptive writing style

Persuasive writing style

Narrative writing style


Expository writing style

The expository word itself has got the meaning of this kind of writing. It consists of the word “expose” which means this kind of writing is done to expose or put facts out. This is the most common type of writing used in day to day life as in general, any topic is introduced and facts are put regarding that in a detailed manner.

This kind of writing is found in business writing, journalism, technical writing, essays, and instructions. All the mentioned types of content lay down facts or expose information. This kind of writing includes comparisons, quotations, statistics, definitions, charts, graphs, etc.

There can be four methods of writing expository writings. In general, one method is used but sometimes a combination of methods can also be used.

  1. Compare and contrast
  2. Cause and effect
  3. Problem and solution
  4. Extended definition


Descriptive writing style

This is the type of writing in which the full description is given in detail. It helps the readers to visualize in detail the character, event, or place. Basically, in this type of writing the author describes the scene in a way that can be visualized with all five senses by the readers. It is more of an artistic kind of writing as compared to expository writing.

Fiction, poetry, advertising, journal, or diary are some of the types of descriptive writing. All these writings are like a painting that is drawn with the help of words.

In this kind of writing the following things are to be taken care of

  1. Focus needs to be set
  2. Right usage of words
  3. Interest of users
  4. Re-reading and re-doing


Persuasive writing style

This is a type of writing in which the author tries to influence the readers to assume and believe the writer’s point of view. In this kind of writing the author share personal experiences, opinions with evidence in order to make readers agree with him.

Advertising opinions, editorial pieces, reviews, and job applications are examples of persuasive writing. In this kind of writing the writer tries to convince the readers like a debate.

In this kind of writing the following things are to be taken care of

  1. Choosing the topic
  2. Brainstorming of readers
  3. The three elements are introduction, body, and conclusion.
  4. Use of persuasive words


Narrative Writing style

This is a type of writing in which the purpose of writing is to tell a story irrespective of the story is real or imaginary. This type of writing will have characters and with the help of narration, the readers will understand the story and what is happening. here the dialogues can also be included.

All types of fiction like novels, short stories, poetry, biographies are examples of narrative writing. The story is told in this kind of writing.

The various parts of narrative writing are:

  1. Characters of the story
  2. Conflict is the main element of the story
  3. Plot of the story
  4. Setting of the story
  5. Theme of the story

Now when you start writing any content first make the type of writing clear and depending on that you can start writing your piece of writing.

When writing a writer needs to make sure that with other points there is NO SPELLING, GRAMMAR, AND PUNCTUATION MISTAKES.

The first important thing to take care of in writing communication is it should be free from errors of spelling, grammar, or punctuation. If it is not taken care of then readers may form a negative image of you.

  1. To make sure that you are writing error-free content then you need to know the basics of rules and regulations of grammar and punctuations.
  2. You can spell-check and do grammar and punctuation checking with the help of applications like Grammarly for the same.
  3. You should re-read your content before printing or sending it to somebody so that errors can be checked and if there are some errors that can be rectified.

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