Do you know what are the skills for success in life which can be life-changing?

What are the 2 minimum skills for success in life or which are needed for us to do anything?

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There are many skills for success in life and which can help a person to grow, but the two basic skills which are needed to learn any other skill successfully are




If you have these two skills you can not only learn more skills you will have clarity about what you want in your life and how to achieve that.


Correct Mindset 

The first one being the most because it sets your intention. If the intention is correct, then it will impact our actions and it will also impact the result we will get.

There are two types of mindset

Fixed mindset

  1. This can simply be defined as people who feel that the qualities are inborn, fixed, and unchangeable.

  2. The belief is that talent can only lead to success.

  3. Believes effort is useless.

  4. Assumes mistakes as failures.

  5. Fixed mindset people avoid challenges.

  6. They ignore feedback.

  7. Feels threatened by other’s success.

Growth mindset

  1. This can be defined as people who feel that abilities can be developed and learned.

  2. The belief is that people can evolve towards a higher level of intellect, wisdom, experience, or performance in any field of interest.

  3. Believes effort is the path to master anything.

  4. Assumes mistakes as learning.

  5. Growth mindset people embrace challenges.

  6. Believes failure as a step to success.

  7. They welcome feedback.

  8. Take inspiration from other’s success.


Developing habits

The second skill is developing the right habits.

In our life, if we make small changes on a consistent basis. It can have a big impact, but these changes are often unnoticed or ignored because it does not impact us immediately.

So, basically for big things to happen, we do not have to do a big transformation these small positive changes will have a big impact and will give you success, happiness, satisfaction, and growth.


Few things which need to be followed for developing a habit or behavior.

1.) Intention to implement should be set initially. If we say I want to be healthy. It is vague the intention is not correctly set, but if we say I will eat healthy snacks on weekdays then it will set the correct intention.

2.) The environment should help us in forming habits so simple changes to our environment can help us form habits like if we keep away unhealthy snacks on the tabletop or in front of us. We tend to eat it, but if we keep fruits and salads on the table platform we will go for them. So, your environment should be habit friendly which can help you to develop a habit.

3.) Focus on making the task easy. Make the work easy. It does not need more effort. Like if you spend a lot of time on social media, then you just uninstall social media apps from the phone and use them on a laptop only which makes it difficult to reach. You will end up not using it or using it less.

4.) Break it into small parts Don’t look at big change at one time rather break them into smaller parts and focus on doing small things at one time. For example, If you want to reduce 10 kgs. Don’t focus on 10 kgs instead say I will have 20 minutes of walk for a week and reduce 500 gms weight. It looks easier and smaller so you will do it. Once you do that there is a probability that you will end up doing it more.

Habits should give satisfaction to our brains which come with immediate returns, as we have a history of the same we only think the next meal, tomorrow. This can be done if we attach immediate gratification with things.

If you want to have a change or transformation in life, then these two things which I call self-developed assets can only help you in achieving your goals successfully.

About the Author: Anju Jindal

Anju is a trainer, entrepreneur, and career growth specialist who helps students, working professionals, women, and Job seekers to reach out to their goals by implementing a Career Growth plan

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