Public Speaking Tips For IntrovertsAre you an introvert? 

Do you feel public speaking is not for introverts? 

Stop being fearful and check out the tips for introverts.

Yes, you may be fearful, anxious and worry about it most of the time, but this is quite normal. Introverts face difficulty while socializing and taking in public. 

The more shy people who do not want to socialize are introverts and this is the difference between introverts and extroverts.

The first thing to know here is being a public speaker do not mean you will have to become an extrovert. Introversion does not come in the way of becoming a public speaker.

Public Speaking Tips For Introverts which you need to follow to become a public speaker

Public Speaking Tips For Introverts

Accept you are anxious

The first point is accept you are anxious even before you start with public speaking. This is common with most public speakersbefore delivering a speech. 
This is pretty normal and if you as an introvert being anxious that is ok. But, you need to identify the source of anxiousness and take steps to work on it.

Preparing yourself

The second point is preparing and practice can help you accept and reduce anxiety.

Public Speaking Tips For Introverts

You can also do some hands on practice by joining a conversation club, hosting an event.

Whosoever you are introvert or extrovert, public speaking requires a lot of practice and persistence. So, be patient, keep practicing and prepare for the presentations.

Know your audience

The next and the most important thing is to know your audience. 

Good public speaking does not mean that you need to be always humorous, energetic and outgoing. 

But, they surely need to be interesting. They are the people who can put through their thought to their audience, but in a well understandable manner. 

Understand what to say

Moreover you need to understand what to say.

Introverts can be more empathetic, analytical, good at listening and can be in tune with what is going around. This makes them able to understand their audience well.

Extrovert people can be the one who enjoys being the center of attention, with having a good personality. But, the message is the core of the public speaking.

If time is taken out to understand whom you are speaking too, then the message will reach the audience appropriately.

Be yourself & interesting

Public Speaking Tips For IntrovertsHowever, A good public speaker is the one who speaks what he actually feels.

There can be a situation where you might feel that I cannot do it, but you can. That’s perfectly ok! It may happen sometimes.

He may not be dynamic or hilarious, but they should surely be interesting. They should present their data in a very interesting way so that you impress your audience.

You need to be good at content and storytelling so that you are able to compel listeners to listen.

Prepare yourself

One thing which can really help anyone irrespective of you being introvert or extrovert is being prepared. If you prepare yourself, you will be not bothered of yourself being an introvert. 

In this way, you will be able to do public speaking in the best way.

Find an introvert role model speaker

It will be one of the best ways to make yourself sure that you can do it. Just find an introvert colleague or a friend who is good at speaking so you can learn the techniques. 

Compel yourself to observe him and learn how he is doing. You can learn from him how confident he is able to convey his message in an interesting way. The body language and the presentation of content can also be learned by observing him.

Take advice from him. They must have learned public speaking skills by a lot of trial and practice. A lot of mistakes may have been made by them. It will surely make them happy to help another introvert to be good at public speaking.


A smile is one thing which can make or break things.

Once you are done with preparation, practice and relaxation exercise one thing is left, that is smiling and present. Make sure to smile when you enter the room where the audience is waiting for the presentation.

Smile whenever you can throughout the presentation. This will make you feel relaxed, confident and contended. 

Calm your body

Lastly, Make sure to calm yourself.

If you have problem calming your body before the public speaking, then first calm your body. When you relax your body, your mind will automatically be relaxed.

Just follow these steps to calm your body:

  • Shake your body and every limb. This will help regulate blood circulation and relax all the muscles.
  • Yawn
  • Take a few deep breaths
  • Do some up and down movements on your toes for relaxing your muscles.
  • Listen to some music for relaxation.
To conclude, if these tips are followed, it will help any introvert to take a count of the situation. Also, it will help you be better at public speaking with time and practice.

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