What are the benefits and problems which we face because of work from home? Is work form home good or bad?

Let us just go on and check all this further in the blog.

The COVID -19 has led down lockdown and that has made work from home common for all of us. If anyone is new to this culture and finding it difficult to adjust to this kind of work culture then check out the tips mentioned below.

So what all are the things which we need to take care of in order to work from home effectively.

1.) Have regular working hours – The first and the first most thing is we need to set a schedule and stick to it. Have a clear guideline on what is the time to work and what is the time to call. When to take a break and when to close it off. It is true that we get the flexibility but we need to understand that it is not an excuse to procrastinate the work. Use tracking time apps, scheduler, planner, and then only we can make the most in less time and complete the work even by working from home. Here we also need to check out the main tasks of where we need to spend how much time and make sure that accordingly we work and do not keep things pending or do not overwork.

2.) Have rules with the people in the workspace – This is one thing that is important and if these are set then it will help you to stick to work and complete the task on time. It can be regarding timingswhen you will work and when you will take breakswho can come and disturb you when.

3.) Have a break schedule – In the whole process, you need to schedule a time for your break also, the time when you will rest when you will have food. The break time when you are away from the screen and have some rest.

4.) Have a morning routine – This is a very basic thing which if followed then the whole day goes in a planned manner and you are able to complete all the tasks on timeDeciding to complete on time and making a routine to complete tasks on time are two different things. So in the morning just check and make your to-do list and have some routine of the morning which can help you to be active throughout like morning jog, affirmation, writing goals, etc.

5.) Have a dedicated workspace – You need to have a dedicated space like your office desk where you put only the kinds of stuff that are necessary for your work. You are away from distractions and are able to focus on your work. You can have a separate drive or user for work-related items and personal use items. This all will help you to have more focus and be hooked up with the work. Here you also need to take care that the office desk or space should be tidy and mess-free.

6.) Socialize with colleagues – You need to socialize with colleagues as you do in your office as it helps to create a bond amongst all of you and you have a great equation with them. As you are working from home you can have this interaction with the help of various apps.

7.) Have a regular facetime meeting – You need to have a facetime meeting with your colleagues to set seriousness for your work. Have a facetime meeting to discuss tasks and check with them the problems faced by them in the completion of the tasks. You also need to take care here that you show up for the meeting and attend these meetings regularly. Also, make sure that you overcommunicate whatever you want them to hear and keep a note of.

8.) Take rest if unwell – If you are unwell or not feeling good you need to take rest or leave as you would do in a regular case when you go to the office. This is important because your body needs rest and you will be able to work effectively only when your body is in good health.

9.) Have training – If there are some things that are a hindrance to your work from the home process then you can take training and learn. If you need to learn some skills, some technical things then there are a lot of online training, just attend themLearn the skill and be equipped. I would rather say look for opportunities of training as when you get yourself trained, you are motivated to do new things and it will also help you to grow as you will add skills to yourself.

10.) Check your to-do list – In the whole day, you need to check and verify that you are on time and completing your work as per your to-do list. Make your to-do list in a way that you get to complete the task as it helps you to get motivated further.

11.) Enjoy environment – This is something that may not be directly connected to your work but if you do take some time out and enjoy the environment, you will embrace the attributes of the environment. The attributes like gratitude, sacrifice, etc. are the things that we can learn from the environment.

12.) Enjoy the perks – As you are working from home, you can surely enjoy the perks which you can because of working from home. If you can have fresh and hot sizzling food, do have it. If you can play with your kidsmake your schedule accordingly, and enjoy the time with them.

13.) Positivity – This is something which is anyways very necessary as being at home all the time can be boring and depressing. So, be positive throughout to be motivated. This will help you to have more focus and dedication to your work and life.

14.) Don’t be too hard on yourself – You also need to take care that you are not too hard on yourself in the whole process after all it will only add up to the stress and anxiety. Just focus on doing the work if still some issues are coming try to resolve them.

15.) End the work on time – This is the final thing after all the tips and that is complete the work on time as it is true that you are working from home and you can have liberties but if you do not end the work on time you will end up working whole day without any personal time. This will end up frustrating and adding up to stress.

In the whole process, you need to have a personal agenda aligned so that you have a personal interest. So set all rules and enjoy working from home and have flexibility.

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