When we go for an interview there are a lot of interview questions which are asked and we need to be prepared for all of them. We should just not know the answers, but we should answer them in a way that is different from others.

In this blog, let us just see the questions which are related to experience and what answers we should give if these questions are asked.

Few thing to keep in mind while answering the question are:

  1. Be honest and give a true reply to all the questions which are asked.

  2. Be the person who you are in reality while answering the questions also.

  3. Keep in mind the job profile and company while giving the answers.

  4. Be careful about what you share as there is no need to share the things which put you in a bad light.

  5. Demonstrate self-knowledge which is a sign of maturity and for this, you need to know yourself well.

  6. Keep a track of your tone and attitude as what you say is important, but how you say is more important.

  7. Make sure that you have researched well about the company and the job profile before you go for the interview as it helps you to know what to share and how much to share.


Many of the important questions which are asked regarding you are:

  • Describe what you have done to upgrade your skills.

This is one question that needs to be worked out before you go for an interview at a new organization, as by this question interviewer wants to know the real intention of yours to change the job.

So, make sure to keep the following points in consideration when going for an interview:

  1. Always answer the question in a positive note and be careful not to mention any negative information. Rather, try to mention positive points about the old organization.

  2. Make sure to only present facts and do not hype about anything subjective like the quality of management etc.

  3. Keep it professional & not personal where your emphasis should be on professional growth.

An example of an answer can be “I have been taking a few courses with my work which has enhanced my skills in career management. One of such courses is from Coursera which was an online program of 28 hrs. in people management”


  • What is your professional development plan?

This question is asked by the employer because every employer likes people who are intact with the new trends and change in technology which is impacting their field. This question is also a way to know about your weaknesses.

So, make sure to keep the following points in mind before you answer this question:

  1. Always keep working on your development plan. It should not be focused on a job change.

  2. Always have a list of your goals ready according to which you work out the career development plan.

  3. Make your tech skills that are on the latest technology stand out in your career growth plan.

  4. There can also be a discussion on what are the areas of improvement for you which can be mentioned in your career growth plan.

So, the answer could be “I plan to work on my communication skills by taking up online classes as better communication are always a confidence booster. Though I have always got a positive response of my communication skills still would like to work on that.”


  • Explain the gap in your employment history

This is a question that can bring you in a fix if you have some gap in your employment history. But, not to worry and answer the questions considering these points in mind.

  1. Try to emphasize anything constructive which you did during this break. Prefer to mention something constructive you would have done during your break which is positive.

  2. If there had been a genuine personal or family issue and you do not have any story to tell then do inform it in a straightforward way as it will lead to trust for you. But, when doing, so try to mention the point by explaining what you did to get a positive influence of yours.

  3. If you were laid off which led to unemployment then share the reason why there was a reduction in the workforce, but also mention the reference which tells that you were doing great when this happened.

  4. If you were fired that led to the break then you need to prove to the employer that the reasons are not going to impact your overall performance.

So, the answer can be “I prepared for my MBA and CFA program and have successfully completed them.”


  • Why weren’t you promoted at your last job?

This is a question where the employer is trying to find out your weaknesses and come to a conclusion on how it is going to impact your performance. There can be various reasons, so consider the following points while answering the question.

  1. The organizational structure was such that the promotion can be given after a certain period of time you have spent with the organization.

  2. The promotion may not have been given because of low qualifications.

  3. External factors like promotion may have meant that you need to travel to a different city or you may have to move to another department that can also be the reason.

So, the reason should be mentioned with a constructive and positive answer.

Here make sure that you take care of the following points:

  1. Do not talk negatively or wrong about the company.

  2. Inform that you have worked to get promotions.

  3. If there were some external factors that may have been the cause of non-promotion then mention that too.

  4. Keep the true facts and do not inform anything which is not true.

An example of the answer can be “In my previous company I was managing a team of 4 people and I prefer to sharpen my managerial skills rather than taking up promotion.”

  • Share your work experience?

  • What was the biggest accomplishment/failure in your previous position?

These two questions are basically asked to know about your work ethics, your success and failures at your previous job. How did you perform under pressure and challenges?


To answer the question where you mention success you need to keep these points in mind:

  1. When answering this question try not to be arrogant or try not to boast your accomplishments, but at the same time, you should present your success well.

  2. Here, more than the answer what matters is the example cited by you to prove your success and skills.

  3. Mention the points which add up value to your current selection and is relevant to the current job vacancy.

  4. Do not mention failures until asked about it specifically.


To answer the question where you mention failures you need to keep these points in mind:

  1. Answer the question with honesty.

  2. Try to turn negative into positive by mentioning the points which actually can be positive for the employer but are negative to you.

  3. Give an example which has impacted the organization negligibly.

Example “As far as my work experience is concerned. I have a total of 5 years of experience where 2 years are with the current organization. I have shown a remarkable growth “

  • What did you like or dislike about your previous job?

  • What will you miss most about your last job?

  • What won’t you miss about your last job?

  • How did you fit in with the company culture at your previous job?

These above questions are mostly asked by the employer to know what actually you like or dislike as your likes and dislikes are reflections of your character. Thus question also helps them to understand whether you are the best fit for the culture of the organization or not?


To answer this question keep the following points in mind:

  1. Do not talk negative or wrong about the company.

  2. Try to focus on the positive aspects of the organization.

  3. Try to keep the points focused on the tasks, situations, or company structure but not to people if you have to talk negative.

So, the example of the answer can be “I have totally enjoyed my work and time at the organization. The atmosphere was employee-friendly. The management is also good and the best part is they know each and every employee of theirs. There have been many community programs which they conducted to keep the employees engaged with the organization”


  • Why are you leaving your job?

This question is of utmost importance for the employer to know what is the real reason behind your change of the job. So, the points to consider while answering this question are:

  1. You do not need to tell the whole truth, but just reveal the main reason for leaving the job.

  2. Try not to pass negative or personal statements about the employer or the previous organization.

  3. This question is one question that should be practiced many times in advance for a better answer.

  4. Do not keep salary as the reason for leaving the job.

So, the answer can be “I am looking for new challenges as I am bored with my current job profile. Being one of the best employees I do not want my unhappiness to impact the job or the employer”


  • Where else are you interviewing?

This question can be tricky if you are handling two offers at the same time. Because the interview timing can conflict, the offers may need some time to decide. There can be many issues like:

  1. The Interview timings may clash or may be difficult to manage.

  2. When you are still left to give an interview for the second company you get an offer from the first interviewer and you are left confused.

  3. If you have less time to decide about the first company and you say no, there can be a possibility that the second employer says no or the offer from the first company may better.

So, some key points to consider when making this decision are:

  1. Do not rush to take a decision regarding which company to choose or which interview to choose.

  2. Consider all the factors which may impact your decision like salary, benefits, perks, company culture, and the people you will be working with.

  3. Consider how your work and personal life will be managed.

  4. It is not necessary to tell employers about all the companies you are getting interviewed you can just ask for time to make decisions.

  5. If you get an offer when you are waiting for the second offer, you can always say that I am waiting for another offer and will let you know soon my decision.

  6. Show your gratitude to each employer.

These questions may be asked differently, but you need to understand the question properly and then you need to answer them considering the answers mentioned above. These answers if given correctly not only have a good impression of yours on the employer, but it will also increase the probability of your selection.


And, who does not want that?

All of us right. So, make sure you are prepared and you know the answers but also remember that you are just not giving an answer which is mugged up. It should be given by the presence of mind and taking due care of what is asked.

About the Author: Anju Jindal

Anju is a trainer, entrepreneur, and career growth specialist who helps students, working professionals, women, and Job seekers to reach out to their goals by implementing a Career Growth plan

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