Book review – How to win friends and influence people

By Dale Carnegie

This is a book which is very influential for many and is one of the books which talks all about how to have more friends and influence people.

It also talks about:

How to create an impact on people?

How to influence people?

How to have a positive influence?

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There are many points that are covered in this book and are my personal favorite.


The points which mainly attracted me are:

1.) Do not criticize, condemn, or complain – This is the most important point which if you do not take care then you will never be likable by the people. If we criticize, condemn, or complain to people frequently people try to ignore us and they do not want to interact with us. So, never ever show these negative attributes when you meet people.

2.) Avoid arguments to get the best result – When we meet anyone we should avoid having arguments with people as having arguments is a negative attribute. Even if we win technically then also we lose the person which is harmful for further interactions. It will never help us to have long term relationships with people.

3.) Give honest and sincere appreciation – This is something that is required if we want people to confide in us and be open to conversations. When we make an honest and sincere appreciation for someone that person is open for further conversations.

4.) Give respect and never say bluntly  This is something which is important as if we give respect then we get it. So, we should always respect each other. This is also important that we never be blunt to others and say that “you are wrong” or “you are capable of nothing” as when we say so then the person will never fearlessly speak to us or present some idea. We should rather tell them our viewpoint and ask them their point of view.

5.) If you are wrong admit it – This is the thing which we never like to do as you never admit when you are wrong. This is really important that if you need to apologize if you are wrong and if you do so people trust you and can look up to you.

6.) Maintain the “you” approach This is a very good approach for influencing people as when we keep in mind the listener’s need then we can really impress people. When we communicate with people we need to make sure that we understand what the listener wants to listen to, What the listener wants your behavior like.

7.) Talk in other’s interests – You should always converse by keeping in mind other’s interests. If we do take care of this then people will also take an interest in our interest and would do the communication the way we want.

8.) Make the other person feel important – While doing the full conversation we should make an attempt to make him feel important as when a person feels important he listens to us and also make an attempt to understand us.

9.) Be genuinely interested in others – We should never fake and pretend that we are interested in the conversation rather we should be genuinely interested in another personGenuine attempts are appreciated and people are also interested in the conversation and adhere to what you say.

10.) Smile and begin in a friendly way – This is the first and the foremost thing to have positivity and friendliness with people. We should make sure to smile as a smile portrays friendliness, openness, and positivity.

11.) Listen to encourage others and let other people talk more – This is also important for communication as when we listen and encourage others to talk more after some time people speak up their mind and real thoughts. They show their true intention and thoughts which ultimately helps us to communicate effectively as per them.


This book states all which is needed to have a good and influential personality. This book is a really good book as it helps you to understand that how you can have a positive influence on the people and impact them so that do trust you and they do what you ask them to do.

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