How to speak so that people listen?

How to create an impact on people?

How to influence people?

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Speaking is just not using impressive vocabulary or having fluent speaking skills. Speaking to make others listen is a roller coaster ride that should excite people, Which should make a connection with people, Which should be from heart, which should not be fake most importantly.

These are few points which, if taken care of then you will have all which helps you to have a conversation or speech which people will listen to.


True and correct facts with complete knowledge

Make sure when you speak to someone one to one or in public you know the facts correctly and fully else you are just going to pretend which will not help you in any way. Having correct information boasts your confidence to speak and it also builds trust for you which is the most important thing to make people listen to you.

The problem arises when we just open our mouth about anything which we are not aware of and people are hardly listening to you. This one point if considered will make the difficult task easy and possible to achieve.


Have respectful conversations:

Nobody is bound to listen to you, but would love to listen to something or somebody who respects each and every person’s sentimentthought process, and beliefs. Most importantly, if we give respect, then we get it So, we should always respect each other. So passing statements that are direct or blunt can be a hindrance.

So, never say that “you are wrong” or “you are capable of nothing” as when we say so, then the person will never fearlessly speak to us or present an idea. The person will never respect us also. We should rather tell them our viewpoint and ask them their point of view to make them understand things better. In the process, if you are wrong, do admit it.

Have conversations that are of the listener’s interest:

When you start a conversation, listen to the people with empathy so that you can understand the listener’s need and what exactly listener wants to know or listen to. If we speak after we understand him, then we can really speak accordingly and make him listen to us. Here, everything counts your body language, your words, your gestures so make sure all are as per the listener.

For this, you need to make sure to research well about the interests of the listeners and during our conversation, the listener should feel that the conversation is only for him/her. This will make him feel important.


Have transparent and open conversations:

 When we talk with a secret intention, then that looks pretty fake and we cannot have a genuine connection with our listener. So the first thing is to have a transparent agenda which is known to all.

The conversation should be open minded and friendly for which the expressions and body language play a very important role. This will add positivity, genuineness, and friendliness in the conversation which is an essential ingredient for conversations to hold. We should make sure to smile as a smile portrays friendliness, openness, and positivity.

These all basic things are the only ways to reach people and make them listen to what you say. There is no rocket science behind it which we assume and we make the task of a conversation so difficult that we don’t even try to attempt it.

This is true these things need some practice to be done to be good at it. So, have some practice for the same and get better at it day by day.

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