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Writing skills are one of the important parts of communication as communication is just not about verbal communication. It also includes written communication.

If you improve the writing skills you will be able to communicate the message with clarity and easily to a larger audience. Also, if you are good at writing skills. You will be able to communicate your message with accuracy, sureness, and efficiency.

Writing skills are really important because of the following reasons:

  1. Firstly, it is important to communicate well as in formal communication, writing communication is really important.
  2. Secondly, it is important as it shows your professionalism in conversation. You may also need to write an email, message, or report so, you need to be aware of writing skills.
  3. Thirdly, you can see it as one of the best skills as it is rarely found in people.
  4. Lastly, you can communicate the message in the best way to the people whom you want.

Writing skills can be used at various places:


At home, though writing skills are not really judged. They are not in so much of use but still some times. We also need to write a letter for personal use or give an application in school or some government department.


At the workplace, good writing skills can get you a long way as it is a rare skill that is found in people. We also need to write formal documents at the workplace. Further, it should be jargon-free, short, and concise. Moreover, it should have industry-specific buzzwords. It also can be polished with time but basic writing skills are just an addon.


If you are someone who needs a job or wants to apply for a job then you need to write a job application, resume, CV, or cover letter. You also need to make an online profile on social platforms like LinkedIn for networking. Furthermore, it will just make you stand out from the crowd.


During your study, there are many incidents wherein you need to have good writing skills as it may be part of the course of study at college or university. You may have to write an essay, a report, a research proposal, or a thesis. These may be long, specific structure formats wherein you need to be really careful while writing them.

The points which we need to consider to improve writing skills are following:

1.) Firstly, you should be clear about the concept which you are writing. – You need to be well aware of the concept or topic which you are writing. As if you are aware then only you can write about the topic in the best way.

2.) Secondly, make sure to outline the points before you start writing as it will make the message organized and when you outline the content you will be able to look at the message from different perspectives. You will also have quick notes when you have an outline ready with you.

3.) Thirdly, try to write the content in a concise way as in today’s time nobody has the time to spend a lot of time just reading a single thing. People want content in an easy format and it should be covered in a limited time.

4.) Moreover, when you are writing content be empathetic towards the readers as it needs to be really understood. You need to understand – what readers want to read? What is the purpose of readers for reading?

5.) Further, include only those points which are relevant to the topic of the content as irrelevant content reduces the interest of the readers from the content.

6.) Additionally, eliminate the use of filler words and phrases in your writing as it does not contribute to anything as far as content is concerned but it just increases the time spent in reading. It just creates a clutter that you cannot understand.


7.) Try to use good words and adverbs in the content as weak content just increases the word count but the meaning is still conveyed best if you use good adverbs. like instead of very beautiful you can use gorgeous.

8.) Try to use simple words in the content as simple things are easily understandable by many people and if easy words are used it can reach larger audiences.

9.) Make sure that you check the content for grammar, spelling, and wrong data carefully as it can prove you as unskilled in writing skills if these are found in the content.

10.) One trick which can really help you create amazing content is reading the content loudly to yourself and determine the flow of the content is smooth or not.

11.) Make sure the content tells your personality through your content and for this slowly you need to develop your writing style.

12.) The last thing which really helps to develop the writing style is a practice as much as possible because with practice you can master the writing skill just like any other skill.

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