How to choose a growing career?

The whole process is divided into 4 parts.


  • First,make a list of your skills, your weaknesses to know what you are good at and what you need to improve. If you see some skills are lacking make a list of skills that you can acquire by learning and the skills can range from technical, professional, communication, and personal skills.
  • Make a list of occupations that somehow you are interested in.
  • Once this list is complete, arrange the list of skills with the shortlisted list of the occupations explored by you so that you have your skills matching with the occupation. You can also take professional help from people like career counselors, Assessment test. For the assessment test, you can click on the link.
  • Explore the list in a detailed manner to match skills, occupation based on your skills and demand in the market so that you do not choose an option that is not going to yield results in the future.
  • As the list is left with only a few options now choose the most appropriate and omit less favorable ones. This will make the list shorter by reducing it to 2 or max 3 options.
  • This step will lay the most important result out so start having informational interviews to collect in-depth knowledge so that you are sure of your decision and you may choose the best decision based on the information collected.
  • Now, give a rating to the career option in your list.
  1. What is that which you love?
  2. What are you good at?
  3. What is that for which you can be paid?
  4. What is the need of today and will exist for the next 10 years?
  • Try not to copy anyone in the process of choosing the career as every individual is different having different skills and different abilities. If you copy someone you take a decision and do not see your capabilities, skill set, and resources available to you.
  • Do not choose any career option just for the sake of money you will be getting with that career. You need to put your career first and income from that career second. Here, you need to understand that every career has got money if you are getting better every day. You need to keep your learning and upgrade  at all points in time.
  • Never choose a career as per the choices of others as you know your abilities, strengths, skill set well, not others, not even your parents. So, Do discuss career options with people, but choose the career option according to you so that it is your decision and you should not feel that the decision is imposed on you. If you feel free from impositions you will try to do your best and if you do best results are also going to be the best.

A career is something on which your life is dependent. So, you need to be aware of yourself and careful about what you choose

There is no such set process or actions which you need to do in order to choose the right career. But, I have some steps which are tried and tested so let us have a look at the process.



You need to follow the following steps to make sure that you choose the best option from the shortlisted list.



For finding the best correct option now double sure yourself about the career option shortlisted.

For this find your purpose or what can be the best option for you and in this regard ask the following questions to yourself:

Write the options and the option which is common should be chosen as your career option because that is something which

  • you will do with interest;
  • you will be good at it;
  • so you will be paid well;
  • As there will be a lot of demand the sense of growth is also there.

With the above two steps, you are ready with the career option which is going to be best for you.


This is again a very important part as it will bring you in sync with the career option you chose. Just sit down and make your LONG TERM and SHORT TERM goals and make a plan for the same.

Long term goals are the ones that require three to five years for the accomplishment wherein short term goals are the ones that require six months to three years for the accomplishment. If you divide your long term goal into short term goals it will help you to achieve the goals in the best way as it will keep you motivated when a short term goal is accomplished and tracking of goals can also be done appropriately.


For the accomplishment of the goals, it is very important to follow the following points:

HAVE SPECIFIC GOALS – The goal should have a specific number and a specific deadline to define it in a detailed manner and have some meaning. E.g. “I want to be successful ” cannot be a career goal, whereas “I want to be a Data Analyst within 5 years” is a specific goal as it can be measured and it is having specific meaning and the deadline.

HAVE MEASURABLE GOAL – The goal needs to be measurable as tracking can only be done if it is measurable. It has to be a quantifiable number or thing, as in the second example.

HAVE A REALISTIC GOAL – The goals should be realistic and reachable within your time frame and should be as per your abilities.

PAIR EACH GOAL WITH ACTION PLAN – The goals should have an action plan attached in order to make them actionable and reachable. It will help you to act and will not procrastinate your actions.

You can use a checklist, diary, apps, or a vision board for the planning of your goals.

When you are doing so, make sure that your goals are aligned to your career path and it is going to give you the best results if goals are in synchronization with the career path.



During the whole process of the previous 3 steps, you need to be 100 % committed, try to get out of your comfort zone, and give 100 % to achieve growth in your career.

The positivism can be maintained with various options like

  • Focusing on your achievements,
  • Visualization of Goals with the help of apps, diaries, vision board,
  • Writing goals daily,
  • Writing positive affirmations daily,
  • Mediation,
  • Reading and listening to positive and successful people around you.

You also need to keep some more points in your mind while choosing the career option so that you remain positive and choose the right alternative.

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