Do you know how is social media important profiles can be?

Do you understand how powerful social media profile can make you?

If no, then you should go through this blog, and understand all about social media. How powerful it is.

This will help you to understand the invisible benefits and damages a social media can do for you.

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Guys, Social media profile is the description of one’s social characteristics, details that identify them on social media sites. These profiles can describe any number of details such as one’s interests, expertise, profession, credentials, etc. It is basically very important in today’s life of every individual.

These profiles are important because:

It connects you to the social network and it is like your digital DNA as it can tell a lot about you.

It can empower you with knowledge by joining various communities or participating in various conversations, projects, or different initiatives.

People are using social media for their business promotions, reviews, to connect with people, for creating a network, and ultimately creating the identity for the brand.

In the end the most important thing is it can create an impact of yours in your network which can be positive or negative.

You need to remember one thing in your social media that the effect which can be negative or positive will come in time and it is not going to happen in a day. So, invest your time in building the positive impact of your profile as it can impact you in many ways.

Let us just understand three places where your social media surely matters

  1. It can get you selected or rejected in your job interview. Yes, you just read it right your interview selection can be dependent on what is posted on your social media. Nowadays, many big companies are doing the social media profile screening to understand the person’s behavior and personality. It is assumed that we post on social media based on our personality and it helps them to understand the person’s psychology. So, make sure you are taking care of what you are posting on social media.

  2. It can also get your business affected positively or negatively. Today, when we want to purchase something we first go to the internet and check the reviews of the product or service and also the company’s review. You need to be really careful that your services and product are good and if something happens which was not up to the mark, then appropriate steps need to be taken to neutralize the effect.

  3. The next important impact is for the people who are looking forward to go to foreign countries like USA. You need to be really careful as your visa application will be having a separate column which will ask about your social media profile details and they might check your profiles, based on which your visa application may be selected or rejected.

Now, after knowing the impact lets just understand the different social media platforms. There are various social media platforms that are used by people and trust me every platform has its own audience and to target the correct one we need to know which social media platform is best for which target audience.

The platforms are as follows:

Facebook – The most popular and the biggest social media site have the highest number of people using it every month. Almost one-third of the population is using it. It is easy to use for every individual for almost all-purpose.

Instagram Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social media site. This is a more popular platform amongst the young crowd and you can share photos, videos, stories, and also go live just like Facebook.

Twitter – This is the popular site for news, entertainment, sports, politics, etc. It is different from other platforms as it emphasizes strongly on real-time information. It allows limited characters in a tweet that is 280 characters, unlike other social media platforms.

LinkedIn – LinkedIn initially was just a resume and job search site, but now it is more of a professional site wherein industry experts can share the content, network with each other, and build their personal brand. Now, It also offers advertising opportunities like boost your content, sending personalized ads to inboxes.

Other platforms are Tiktok, YouTube, Pinterest, and many more. You can choose multiple platforms depending on the purpose and go with them.

About the Author: Anju Jindal

Anju is a trainer, entrepreneur, and career growth specialist who helps students, working professionals, women, and Job seekers to reach out to their goals by implementing a Career Growth plan

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