Communication is important and integral for growth success and overall development.

It is really important to have an influence on people. So, in the video let us discuss the 12 tips which if followed can help you to become a better communicator:

12 Tips for better communication

1.) CORRECT MINDSET – We are what we are because of our mindset and it plays a big role when it comes to our personality and the way we conduct ourselves. Mindset is basically an established set of attitudes and the way we think. The basic mindset which will help us to be a fearless communicator is

1.) 100 % commitment

2.) 0 Comfort zone

3.) persistence

4.) Do things for yourself

5.) Take actions and don’t believe in perfection.

2.) LEARN THE LANGUAGE NATURALLY – Have you seen a small kid when he starts learning and speaking?

How does he learn it?

We make the kid observe and listen to what we are saying which needs to be till the time he is not fully recognize the object. Once the recognition is there the kid starts speaking with us. This is how he learns the full mother tongue language or the language which is spoken at our home.

Gradually we introduce reading from books for better learning. Lastly, he starts writing and this is the natural way we have been learning. The same system needs to be followed for language learning and communication.

3.) TALK ONE TOPIC ONE DAY – 1.) Choose one topic every day. Plan your content by jotting down all the points which come to your mind once you note them downorganize and streamline the points in the order in which you have to present the topic. It will assure that no point is missed or duplication of the point can also be eliminated.

4.) GROW YOUR VOCABULARY – We can grow our vocabulary by various methods but the best way to do so is to learn a minimum of 2 new words each day.

One way can be to use any dictionary and learn one work each day.

But the better way is to make your own dictionary and write every day the words you have learned.

1. While conversing or writing if you get stuck at one word you just need to use google and find the meaning of that word in English itself.

2. Then write the word and meaning in your dictionary.

3. Also, mention one similar word and opposite word.

4. Write one real-life usage of that word as you will remember the word much better if the usage is from real life.

5. Discuss the word at least 10 times to make it clear for you.

6. In this way, you will have a minimum of 60 new words in a month and vocabulary gets enriched day by day.

5.) CONFIDENCE IS THE KEY TO REACH PEOPLE – Confidence is very important but it cannot be faked. For confidence make sure that you have complete knowledge of the data you are presenting.

6.) LISTEN ACTIVELY – Listen actively to the audience so that you can communicate effectively. If you listen well then you can understand your audience well and communicate well.

7.) USE KISS DONT KILL – Here KISS means KEEP IT SHORT and SIMPLE and KILL means KEEP IT LONG and LENGTHY. We should keep our conversations short and simple because it is better to understand and major points are never missed out. Wherein, If we keep our conversation long and lengthy people may become uninterested. It may also lead to pointless conversations resulting in missing of main points.

8.) PUT YOU BEFORE ME – This is the secret which is very important as everyone wants to have things according to them. Here you mean the listener and me means the one who is speaking so, speak according to the listener. We should make sure that we talk, speak, and react the way the listener wants us to do.

We need to have a conversation rather than silence for which we have to try to have a two-way conversation for making it interestingAvoid silence for a longer time as it may break the engagement with listeners but taking pauses is ok.

9.) PRACTICE SHADOWING – We first need to find a mentor or a person like whom we want to speakStart observing and listening to the mentor as many times as you can. Then you can try speaking like your mentor. you need to find a person who is probably an Indian speaker so that you can copy the accent, Pronunciation, and expressions easily.

You can also record yourself speaking like your mentor and you will see the difference between your first video to the 10th video. This improvement will be regular and with time you will practice and get better.

10.) SPEAK SPEAK TILL YOU MASTER IT – Practice for 30 minutes daily regularly to develop a habit. We can practice for 30 minutes daily for better results.

11.) ADD THE ELEMENT OF FUN – You need to add an element of fun to have fun as enjoying what we do is very important and the element of fun can be added by inventing games like doing commentary, dumb charades in English.

12.) TEST THE WATER – You should review your progress and develop by putting yourself in uncomfortable situations to know how much we have learned. This can be done by participating in various activities like Debates, Competitions, Presentations to get better at it.

If we follow all these tips it is making the transformation in us and we are a better communicator having growth, success, and opportunities in life.


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