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The routine changes mentioned if done we can bring English as a natural language for us.

Follow 3 simple steps

PRACTICE as much as possible by doing it regularly to develop a habit. We can practice 30 minutes daily for better results.

PLAY to have fun as enjoying what we do is very important and the element of fun can be added by inventing games like doing commentary, dumb charades in English.

PERFORM to develop by putting ourselves in uncomfortable situations to know how much we have learned. This can be done by participating in various activities like Debates, Competitions, Presentations to get better at it.

P3 Formula will help us learn English in an enjoyable way. If this is done you will find vast improvement as far as English skills are concerned.

Check the full video to know more about what small changes can be done in order to follow all 3 steps.

Now, You know the steps so do not wait just start it today or it will never happen because it is correctly said “Do it now or never”

To improve English participate in fearless communicator challenge by writing a comment FCC in the comment box.

I will send the action plan for the next 10 days and by that, you can track the way this P3 formula works You also have 2 surprise gifts at the end please go and check for more.

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