Career is something on which your life is dependent. So, you need to be aware of yourself and be careful about what you choose.

There is no such set process or actions which you need to do in order to choose the right career.
This series will contain tips which can help you choose the right career for you.
The first tip to choose the right career is-



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You need to shortlist the career options as you will have lot of options.

You need to follow the following steps to make sure that you choose the best option from the shortlisted list.
1. Make the list of your skills, your weaknesses to know what you are good at and what you need to improve.
2. If you feel the need to learn some skills that are lacking. Make the list of skills also that you can acquire by learning.
The skills can range from technical, professional, communication, and personal skills.
3. Make a list of occupations that somehow you are interested in.
4. Once the list is complete, arrange the list of skills with the shortlisted list of the occupations explored by you. Match your skills matching with the occupation.
5. Take professional help from people like career counselors, Assessment test. For the assessment test you can click on the link.
6. Explore the list in a detailed manner to match skills, occupation based on your skills and demand in the market.
So that you do not choose some option that is not going to yield results in the future.
Now, the list is left with only a few options. Choose the most appropriate ones and omit less favourable ones.
This will make the list shorter by reducing it to 2 or max 3 options.
This step will help you to choose the most important result
Collect the in-depth knowledge to be sure of your decision and you may choose the best decision based on information collected.
7.) Rate the career option in your list as per the priority of liking.

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