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Anju Jindal

Mom, Wife, Trainer, Entrepreneur and Career Growth Specialist
Bachelor Of Commerce (Hons)
> Master Of Computer Application
> Master Of Business Administration

MISSION  –  To Help 10,000 People By Accelerating Their Career Growth With Career Hack & Communication Skills.

Hi, I am Anju Jindal aka Anjs, and I have a purpose in my life which is super clear. I am on the mission to help thousands of people to achieve their goals by adopting the Fearless communicator blueprint.
I am your Career Growth Specialist and founder of the Career Growth Academy. I am here to help students, working professionals, women, and Job seekers reach out to their goals with the help of the fearless communicator plan.
I truly appreciate that you’re amongst the 5 % of people who are willing to take an action. You are the most valuable asset to me because you are spending your time fulfilling your purpose.
About me, I would like to tell you that my best decision was about being a trainer. Over the years interacting with thousands of people I am able to position myself as an expert and grabbed opportunities making my entrepreneurial journey successful.
This site shares all the strategies, methods, tools, and most important habits that have helped me and several others to grab opportunities, get on growing career paths and also improve the quality of our life, and I’m sure will help you too.