September 2021

Steps to speak English naturally

Steps to speak English naturally

Do you want to speak English, but hesitate a lot? Do you find it difficult to express yourself? Do you translate words and form sentences, but they sound unnatural when you speak? There is no need to worry, there are many people who face these problems. This blog will help you to get the answers of the above questions. Check out the steps to speak English naturally.

Practical and fun ways to improve English spelling

Practical and fun ways to improve English spellings

One language which is considered as the hardest language to learn, but actually it is not, is English. This is just because it is a new language.
The spellings in English have a lot of exceptions, contradictions, meanings which are difficult to have logic. For example, the word “phone” has a sound of “F” but there is no “F” in the word. Some tips and ways can really take you a long way to learn the English language in a better way.

difference between CVs and Cover letter

CV VS Cover Letter

Is CV a Cover letter?
A cover letter is a brief of the profile, whereas a CV is a detailed and long document. A CV is a document that includes detailed information about your work experience and academic background. A Cover letter is a brief document that explains why you want to apply for the given job.