August 2021

Steps to do effective workplace communication

Steps to improve workplace communication

Communication is the most important process in an organization. Whether the medium of communication is verbal, written the way we communicate is very important. It will help you a better, effective and efficient employee. So, what are the steps to improve workplace communication. As per me there are 4 steps in the communication process, let is see them one by one.

How to find an internship


Gone are the times when education itself from a good college was enough. You need to have an on job training, internship to get yourself qualified for a job in a good company. So, students if you want to know the tips to find an internship, check the blog.

components of cover letter

Components Of Cover Letter

The cover letter is the first thing which an employer gets from you. Let us just understand what are the components of a cover letter. The first thing which should be part of your cover letter is information about the job position you are applying for.